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Andrew returned his attention to Zoe. He’d saved her soul, but those creatures still appeared intent on taking what remained of her life. Through the veil, he heard them discussing whether to let her die or to turn her into one of them, the vile beasts that were no better than the demons themselves. One lifted Zoe off the ground by her neck, her head hanging unnaturally to the side.
Andrew bellowed with rage and flew at the men.
He knocked into their stone-like, inhuman bodies and they tumbled onto each other in a heap. Zoe fell and Andrew dove out to catch her. The men stared at him with wide eyes the same color as the blood that still pooled around their teeth as their mouths gaped open.
The Angel
had crossed
the veil.
He’d left the Otherworld and entered the physical realm. Terror filled the men’s eyes and they disappeared with three popping sounds.
Alone, Andrew lowered Zoe’s lifeless body to the ground and cradled her head in his lap. His now solid form ached and throbbed with its many cuts and gashes. He needed to return to the Otherworld, to the Heavens, to heal, but looking down at Zoe’s still face, he had no thought for himself. Pearl-like tears dropped onto her pale cheek. She’d lost much blood, probably too much to survive, but her precious heart still beat, the sound slow and faint.
I can save her.
It was a dangerous thought. One he shouldn’t even be considering. But Andrew couldn’t bear a future without his beloved Zoe to watch over anymore. And the Higher Angels had told him to guard her life at all costs. If he didn’t do this, she would surely die.