A Demon’s Promise

(Soul Savers, Book 1)

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I’m supposed to lead the angels’ army one day. The guy I’m falling for is the demons’ elite warrior. Our love could save the world—but at what cost?

All I’ve ever wanted was a normal life, but two days before I’m supposed to leave for college, Mom wakes me up at the butt-crack of dawn so we can hit the road early. She acts like we can’t escape this city fast enough, but won’t explain. I know we have family secrets. She’s been guarding them from me all my life, supposedly with good reason. But after a bizarre attack by creatures that can’t possibly be real, I think it’s time for me to know the truth, with or without her help.

I’ve barely started my covert investigation, though, when I meet Tristan Knight. He’s gorgeous, smart, and talented, and he seems to enjoy hanging out with me. I suddenly forget all about our enigmatic family and retreat behind my façade of normalcy. At least, until one fateful night when I discover he’s not normal either. The secrets begin to unravel.

Supposedly, we’re fated mates, and our union brings hope to my family’s secret society, a/k/a the Angels’ army on earth. Our love could save the world. Or end it. Because the Angels aren’t the only ones who want us on their side. The Demons will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate power couple. After all, we’re a match made in Heaven—and in Hell.

* * * * *

Over 4,000 Five-Star Reviews (Goodreads/Retailers)

Recommended Read by Midwest Book Review, RT Book Reviews, and USAToday

“An exciting and fascinating fantasy of demons and angels, highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

“Keeps the reader spellbound to the end, eager to discover what comes next.” – The Charlotte Sun

“A fantastic epic love story. The paranormal Romeo & Juliet.” – Ex Libris Book Reviews

1st Place Winner – 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award – Fantasy (Published) – Florida Writers Association

Best Supernatural Hero Award – UtopYA Con 2014

* * * * *

This is the newest edition of the first book in the paranormal fantasy series where you’ll meet vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, and more. The further you get into the series, the more creatures you’ll discover, including shifters, fae, sorcerers, angels, demons, and more.

The series in suggested reading order:
#1 – A Demon’s Promise
#2 – An Angel’s Purpose
Novella – Genesis
#3 – Dangerous Devotion
#4 – Dark Power
#5 – Sacred Wrath
#6 – Unholy Torment
#7 – Fractured Faith

NOTE: This is an urban fantasy series with romantic elements that crosses from New Adult to Adult. It contains mature content meant for 16 years and older. This series is not a YA.