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The first book of the Dynamis in New Orleans series, Supernatural Chronicles: The Skinwalkers releases Monday! Yay! And as we prepare for this awesome story and launch of the amazing 10-book series by 10 different authors, I have with me today the brave one who chose to go first, Lila Felix. Whoop! I’ve known Lila for quite some time as she used to be a beta reader for me. But then she got all busy writing her own books, and wow, has she been prolific! I’m thrilled to call her friend and so excited we’re in the Dynamis together. So, let’s get … Continue reading

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After staring at a blank screen for a ridiculous amount of time today, my itchy fingers banged out some words about what I want to write since I couldn’t figure out how to actually write it. The free-writing turned into something I feel like sharing, because I know I’m not the only one who’s felt like giving up… via GIPHY I want to write a book that grabs people and gives them a shake. Makes them think and reconsider what they believe to know. I want characters whom readers connect with, fall in love with, laugh and cry with and cheer for, and … Continue reading

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