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Buy Links: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA B&N US Kobo iBooks Thank you to everyone who made the Soul Savers Box Set Sale a huge success! It topped out at #70 on Barnes & Noble, which is amazing! It also hit other best-sellers lists. Thank you for sharing the news! The sale is still active – three books and a novella for only $2.99! Power and Devotion are each $3.99 by themselves, so this is really a steal of a deal! The sale ends tonight at midnight, though, so don’t delay. For all of you who nominated people who should win the … Continue reading

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Buy Links: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA B&N US B&N UK Kobo iBooks Wow! What a book birthday! My Wrath has been unleashed upon the world and you all scarfed it up like candy. Haha! Seriously, though, you really came out and showed your support … or maybe you just needed to know what happens next to Alexis, Tristan, Dorian and the rest. Either way, look at what you did! These were all yesterday, the first full day of release: #1 in the UK iBookstore #4 in the Australian iBookstore #7 in the Canada iBookstore #12 in the US iBookstore #84 … Continue reading

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Wrath is out to the beta readers right now, but I’ve already started another round of edits. Almost to the end of the process. Meep! I’m anxious about the betas’ feedback, especially for the end, so it’s a little hard to focus. What better way to distract myself than to share a tease? *grin* Next Friday, you’ll be able to read the whole thing! Yay! So here’s your Teaser Tuesday: Vanessa and Victor both jumped when I appeared right next to them at the top of the Sanibel lighthouse, on a landing below the light itself. The vamps weren’t used to … Continue reading

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