Age of Angels Part III: Marked (Soul Savers, Book 10)

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My children are powerful. Dangerous. Deadly. And supposedly they’re marked. Whatever the hell that means.

Part III: Marked

Two years ago, tragedy struck. Not once. Not twice. But three times. And we’re still dealing with the aftermath. I hate the actions we had to take at the time, but I know they were necessary for the protection of everyone. And now all of our efforts, all of our caution and sacrifices might be unraveling.

We’re still trying to figure out what it means to be “marked,” but the truth in the warnings is becoming quite clear. The factions are delineating, alliances are being forged, and war seems imminent. Even the fae are getting involved, for their realm is at stake, too—and they seem more than willing to sacrifice ours for their own benefit.

And my children are at the center of it all.

As I continue to fight for peace and prevent another war, I’m once again facing the challenge of the past: how far I’ll go to save the ones I love. This time, though, the answer might prove to be too far.

Age of Angels Part I: Awakened, Soul Savers Book 8, was previously published as Awakened Angel, Book 7.5. The story is the same but has a new epilogue. Age of Angels Part II: Lost (Book 9) and Age of Angels Part III: Marked (Book 10) are brand new stories that lead up to the saga of the next generation in the all new Knights of Souls and Shadows series, launching in 2021.