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Welcome to the new home of Promise, the upcoming novel by debut author Kristie Cook. Look for it wherever books are sold Summer 2010. We’ll announce the exact date soon, as well as when we’ll be taking pre-orders. Thank you for your visit! We hope you enjoy!


The Man and the Herd did some much needed yard work this weekend. The hard freezes that we’re not supposed to get this far south damaged a lot of our trees and even killed some of my favorite tropical bushes. So they cleared out all the dead branches and cut back those that might survive. They also trimmed the big oaks and orange tree. So now I stand out on the lanai and see our neighbors. It makes me feel naked. We bought this house nearly two years ago and chose it for a reason. It’s much older than I … Continue reading

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Is it possible to write a sex scene for middle-grade readers? I missed the original conversation, but you can catch the gist of it

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Now Playing: Time Is Running Out by Muse Ha! How appropriate. iTunes is on shuffle and this is what came up. Perfect timing, heheh. Because I’m all worried about time and timing right now. We’re shooting for a summer release of PATIENCE and, preferably, early summer. We’ve been thinking and targeting for June, but I’m starting to wonder just how realistic that is with all there is to do still. I don’t want to rush anything, but… I can’t wait for it to be out!!! Sorry, I lost control for a moment. Anyway, I thought four months (when we first … Continue reading


I had a couple great ideas for this next blog post, but they’ve been put on hold. They require more brain power than I have available right now. You see, I was a dumbass and rammed my head into the corner of the oven hood while making dinner tonight. It’s a feat only I can manage, especially considering I’m height-challenged – I didn’t even know I was tall enough to reach the hood! But apparently, I am, at least, in my Nike Shocks, I am. And apparently I’m not coordinated enough to talk on the phone – on a Bluetooth … Continue reading

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