It’s Genesis release month! Woohoo! To celebrate, Teaser Tuesday all month long will be a page from the Prologue to whet your appetite for what’s to come. But first…

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The angel hovered near the veil between the Otherworld and the physical realm, close enough to take a nearly solid form and near enough to the woman he guarded, he could reach out and caress her cheek. But the distance between them may as well have been the distance of the entire universe. Although Andrew could see her clearly through the veil, she couldn’t see him and she never would—a fact that pierced his soul with more agony than a demon’s blade. He had to ignore that pain, however, as well as his feelings for her.
Andrew could not fathom his love toward this single human. Angels, even warrior angels such as himself, naturally loved all humans equally—a sacred love only surpassed by their Master. His many wards over the millennia had never made him feel as this one did, this human woman known as Zoe from the part of Earth called Thessaly. He did not know what made her different, but from the day he became her guardian, his soul ached to be more than an invisible entity in her life. It wanted to be a part of her physical world. But such desire was dangerous. Forbidden.
Human emotions such as these could cast Andrew out of Heaven, deliver him straight into his enemies’ hands and transform him into the very creatures he was created to conquer. The thought of becoming one of them—the fallen, the demons, Satan’s followers—appalled him. He’d rather be extinguished, even if it never meant being a part of Zoe’s physical life. He would destroy her as a demon, but he could save her soul as an angel.
For her sake, he must suppress his feelings and focus on his duties. He needed to remain alert, ready for battle.