Sun & Moon Academy Book Two: Spring Semester

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Sun & Moon Academy—where pass or fail can mean life or death.

Even after a harrowing first semester at Sun & Moon Academy College of Supernatural Guardians, we’re back. Well, those of us who survived, anyway. And when we return to campus after the winter break to start Spring Semester, several of us discover we’ve been placed in the new Interdisciplinary Task Force class, or ITF—but WTF is more like it. As in, WTF was the Board of Regents thinking when they came up with this idea?

They’ve thrown us into teams and assigned us “missions,” but they’re really just glorified group projects. And we all know how fun those are. Now just imagine all the team members are elite supernatural alphas. Yeah, this will certainly go well.

It quickly becomes apparent that the most challenging mission is called The Hunt. Each team draws a card with a bizarre image and a riddle that supposedly leads to discovering a magical object hidden somewhere on campus. Sounds easy, right? If only. To retrieve the artifact, we’re forced to face our worst fears, enter otherworldly realms, survive deadly curses, and more. Learning to work together becomes not only about the grade, but about saving each other’s lives.

If that’s not enough real world-like experience, there’s more. A god with a vengeance is determined to destroy all magic. Threatening the school, the town, and our world as we know it. This is why we’re at SMA—to train to become supernatural guardians—but for Hades’ sake, this is only our second semester. If we can’t step up, though, not only will we fail ITF, but we’ll fail the rest of the world.

In this anthology of over 750 pages, you once again get ten paranormal fantasy novellas that all come together as one page-turning tale.