Before you get page 3 of the Prologue from Genesis, I just want to remind you of the release tour that kicks off today at The Writer’s Voice. Be sure to visit and comment to enter to win Soul Savers swag and to also gain an entry for the Grand Prize.

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Okay, now for the tease. Just in case you missed them, be sure to read page 1 and page 2. Here’s page 3:

Andrew swung his sword up just in time to parry the demon’s blade. Another arced toward him and he spun, at the same time releasing a dagger from his belt to block the blow. His silver blade clashed with the black one and a shower of sparks rained down. He landed with bent knees, a weapon in each hand, facing the evil spirit in its physical form.
With horns protruding from its temples, razor-sharp teeth, fiery eyes, talon feet and black wings, the demon looked like the angel’s opposite, though both were hard-bodied warriors conditioned for battle. But while angels protected human souls, demons sought to destroy them. This one wanted Zoe’s. Curling its upper lip in a snarl, it rose higher in the air, held its blade straight out in front and shot like an arrow toward Andrew.
The angel’s feathered wings spread widely and lifted him out of the demon’s way. Andrew continued upward, beating his wings harder, as the beast switched direction and came at him again. He dipped and turned and swung his sword, slicing through the demon’s thin-skinned wing. It howled with pain and rage and tried to fly at Andrew again. Instead of crashing into him, however, the injured wing sent the beast careening to his right. As it soared by, its arm jabbed out with full strength, knocking Andrew in the chest.
As he tumbled in the air with the blow, he caught sight of Zoe struggling against the one who pinned her to the ground. Andrew knew the three figures weren’t quite human, but were Satan’s minions, part of his army in the physical world. Zoe would only see three men attacking her. Although they might rape her, they really thirsted for her human blood. Andrew could do nothing about them, however. His purpose was to fight off this demon, driving it away from her soul. He couldn’t be distracted by the physical realm. He had to focus on his own battle and hope Zoe would win hers.