With a whole three days off work since the 4th of July, I’m way overdue for a break. Now that Faith’s out, I’m gonna do just that. I need to fill my creative well, which is bone dry. So I’m outta here, peeps!

I’m going to make a dent in my TBR pile, catch up on my TV shows and maybe find something new, watch some movies, enjoy some wind therapy on the motorcycle, play some Xbox, go to the beach, spend time with family, and who knows what else. Whatever I feel like. Maybe a road trip. Definitely lots of sleep. Oh, and today’s Alexis’s birthday – as well as my son’s 21st, so I’m gonna celebrate that, too. 🙂

So have a good couple of weeks. Enjoy Faith. Be good while I’m gone…or not. 😉 And I’ll see ya on the flip side!