We’re getting a little spicy today for Writer Wednesday! Valkyrie Slumbering, L. VanHorn’s erotic fantasy set in Iceland, has released! To celebrate, she’s dropping by with an excerpt to share with us. If you enjoy Norse legends, fantasy, or just a steamy read, then this one is for you!


“Oh, yes,” I finally say before grasping his leather tunic and pulling him down for a kiss.

Fire dances across me as our lips brush. Though I meant to keep it brief, I’m drawn in like a moth. My lips urge his apart, and I thrust my tongue into his mouth. He tastes of molasses. Sparks spread into me as his tongue dances with mine, making me want to press against him and feel how hard that body really is. But I don’t. Instead I pull back.

Before he can recover, I turn on my heel and start to walk briskly away. His boots pad softly against the cobblestones as he jogs after me. Damn, I’ve done it now. 

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