Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop

Today is the Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop! Several writers and readers, all lovers of the urban fantasy genre, are answering a list of fun questions about UF and Halloween. Join in the fun by hopping from site-to-site. We’re each hosting a giveaway, so don’t forget to enter those, too.

1.       What do you love about the urban fantasy genre (reading and writing)?
K: I love the freedom of being able to make up just about anything while staying grounded within the real world.
2.       Who is the sexiest supernatural creature? Who’s the scariest?
K: Well, I’d have to say Tristan from my own Soul Savers Series is the sexiest! LOL If I can’t say my own character, then Jerricho Barrons would be my next choice. And he may also qualify as the scariest.
3.       If you could make any supernatural creature, what would it look like and what powers would it have?
K: The fun of writing the Soul Savers Series is that I have made up my own supernatural creatures and their powers vary from person to person. One might have the ability to shoot power fireballs while another can douse flames with a shot of water. One can fly and another has telepathy. They usually have a few different powers at their disposal, so the combinations are endless.
4.       Do you have any Halloween rituals?
K: Not really. Sometimes we dress up and go out, sometimes we don’t. It really depends on what’s going on elsewhere. Our kids are all grown up and don’t trick-or-treat anymore. We don’t even get many kids coming to our house. We used to be really into Halloween pretty hard-core, but life has gotten in the way the last couple of years.
5.       Walking at midnight in a forest on Halloween – crazy, scary or adventurous?
K: Yes. But often necessary, especially when you have a dead body to hide.
6.       What is your worst fear?
K: Well, besides the obvious (losing my kids), spiders. And birds. Gah! I hate birds with their beady eyes, sharp beaks and creepy-looking feet. *shudders*
7.       What is one of your character’s worst fear?
K: As a mom, Alexis’s worst fear is losing her son. And it’s a very justified fear, considering their circumstances.
8.       What is your favorite Urban Fantasy novel?
K: I can’t think of a single novel, but I love Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series and J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Oh, and the Sookie Stackhouse series, although that’s not exactly “urban.” For YA, The Mortal Instruments is one of my favorites.
9.       Who is your favorite Urban Fantasy hero/heroine?
K: Hmm…Jerricho, Jace… I guess I mostly like the guys. Anita Blake is pretty kick-butt, though.
10.     Which hero/heroine would you love to be on Halloween?
K: To actually “be” as in become? Probably none, since Halloween tends to wreak havoc regardless of the world. To be as in dress up as? Well, definitely not any of the most popular heroines who tend to wear tight leathers – trust me, you don’t want to see me in that. But I could do my own version of a kick-butt-zombie-killer-vampire-slayer-fey-annihilator. In truth, though, I’m more likely to be the zombie, vampire or evil fey.

And now for my giveaway! Simply answer one of the questions above in the comments below to be entered to win a signed copy of Power. Be sure to include your name and email address so I can contact you if you win. Enter by 11:59 EST, Halloween (10/31/12). The winner will be announced Friday, 11/2/12.
Now go on to the rest of the hop for more fun answers and giveaways!
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9 Responses to Halloween Urban Fantasy Blog Hop

  1. My biggest great is something happening to my daughters, with all.the abductions I keep keating about, I’m have freaking out. I wouldn’t know how to lives without my babies

  2. the only urban fantasy i’ve read is yours. but even if it weren’t, i’m sure it would be my favorite. (i know. it sounds like a suck-up answer but it’s true.)

  3. Tina Moss says:

    “Yes. But often necessary, especially when you have a dead body to hide.” Reminder to never get on Kristie’s bad side. 😀

  4. Heather says:

    Birds, really? That one surprises me! LOL! I couldn’t agree more about the fun of writing urban fantasy and making up one’s own supernatural creatures. That is part of what makes it so awesome. And um hum, Tristan is yummy!

  5. YelenaC says:

    Any birds? Or particular birds? Just curious lol
    In New York, pigeons are often called “the rats of the sky”

    And I agree with Tina. I can see you saying the part about hiding a dead body in the woods with a totally straight face 😀

  6. Birds? Scary?? Well, they’re sexy in my book. And yes, that sounds strange out of context. But then so does talk of hiding bodies . . .;)

  7. I agree, walking in a forest is completely necessary for hiding those pesky bodies lying around my house. I mean, what forest?

    m.r.buttarsbooks at gmail dot come

  8. A.J. Locke says:

    haha loved your answer for number five! And birds can be creepy, think about that Hitchcock movie!

  9. Lisa says:

    Love your answer about walking in the forest. 🙂

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