Enter for the VRP Daily Giveaway #4 and Grand Prize Gift Basket

See that counter on the right? Less than 2 days!!!! Woohoo!! Then I’ll have to take it down, which makes me sad because it’s so pretty. Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll have something new to add…like the Purpose release countdown. 🙂 (Of course, first we need a date for that…)
So we’re half-way through this par-tay and I’ve learned a few tricks and hints. First, I’m going to announce the winners in the evening, for a couple reasons I’m not going to bore you with. Second, I know the links on the forms aren’t live and I’ve learned that not everyone can copy and paste them into a new browser tab or window. They’re having to type them.
So here’s a big hint to make it all really easy:

All the hunt questions send you to the links that are on this very post. So right-click the links here and open them in a new tab or window to read the tour stop. Don’t close when you’re done reading, though! Leave them all open, open the entry form and then you can just bop around to get the answers. Don’t forget to open the links in the prize lists, too.

I’m enjoying reading all the answers on the previous entries, especially the one about Nothing. I thought you all would get a kick out of that – lickable spray. Hehe Sounds…interesting, right? We’ll be drawing for those winners this evening, so don’t forget to come back to see if you won!
Okay, onto today’s stops:
Of course, our scavenger hunt continues. We’ll announce today’s winners this evening. In the meantime, enter for tomorrow’s daily giveaway and add your entries to the grand prize gift basket. If you’re new and want to know what’s going on, get the deets here.
Thursday’s Prizes
This contest is closed. Click here to enter for Friday’s drawing.
  • Local winner: $5 gift certificate for Decanted Wines + $5 gift certificate for Sassy Cakes + a Promise t-shirt
  • Non-local winner: A Promise t-shirt + purple leather necklace + $5 Starbucks gift card

And to enter…

To enter for Wednesday’s daily drawing and to get entries for the grand prize, click here to complete the form. Remember, you can get more entries by telling everyone about the party. The more, the merrier, right?

So this virtual party has been a lot of fun – at least for me. I get to give away all kinds of cool stuff! But I’m thinking sometime we should have a real-life party. And I’m thinking it would be some awesome kind of place, like those destination weddings, but better. Perhaps it’s real – like I’d love a party on a Greek Island! Or not – maybe one in Narnia or Hogwarts or Pandora? If it was your choice and I’m throwing the party (bankrolling it, in other words), where would we go? And why there? Entice me and once I’m a bestseller, we’ll do it!

P.S. I offered up a bonus prize yesterday and only have 3 entries, one of whom already has the prize – a signed copy of Promise. So I’m not closing it yet! Go here and leave a comment that makes me laugh out loud.

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4 Responses to Enter for the VRP Daily Giveaway #4 and Grand Prize Gift Basket

  1. Dawn Embers says:

    While the extra prize seems fun, I don’t do funny very well. Sorry, ((kristie)). But I have a comment for today.

    While the fictional places are fun, I think I’ll go with something a little realistic. A place I’ve been before and know it’s awesome.

    Let’s party in the Bahamas, Nassau at the Atlantis hotel. People driving on the left side of the road. Plenty of beach front with swimming, jet skiis, parasailing, and delicious pina coladas for those of age. Neat aquariums in the hotels and slides that go through/under a shark tank. And a place nearby where you can swim with dolphins. There are even things to do for those that don’t like going in the water. It’s an awesome time and great place to have a party.

  2. Kristie Cook says:

    Love that idea! Warm weather, the beach and pina coladas? I’m so there!

  3. Anonymous says:

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