Enter for Friday’s VRP Daily Giveaway and Grand Prize Gift Basket

If you missed it yesterday, here’s a big hint to make doing the scavenger hunt really easy:

All the hunt questions send you to the links that are on this very post. So right-click the links here and open them in a new tab or window to read the tour stop. Don’t close when you’re done reading, though! Leave them all open, open the entry form and then you can just bop around to get the answers. Don’t forget to open the links in the prize lists, too.

Today’s stops:
We’ll announce today’s daily scavenger hunt winners this evening. In the meantime, enter for tomorrow’s daily giveaway and add your entries to the grand prize gift basket. If you’re new and want to know what’s going on, get the deets here.
Friday’s Prizes
  • Local winner: $5 gift certificate for Decanted Wines + purple leather necklace + Promise t-shirt + Promise bookmark
  • Non-local winner: Signed copy of Eldala by Michelle Gregory + Promise t-shirt + Promise bookmark

And to enter…

To enter for Wednesday’s daily drawing and to get entries for the grand prize, click here to complete the form. Remember, you can get more entries by telling everyone about the party. The more, the merrier, right?

We’ve been partying for several days now. I’ve run out of party questions and conversation. So it’s your turn. If you’ve read any of the interviews and guest posts, you know a lot more about me and Promise than you probably ever wanted to. But just in case something has gone unanswered, here’s your chance. Ask me anything! I’ll answer in the comments or if it’s really good, I’ll answer next week in a blog post. So fire away! (*Disclaimer: No guarantee that all answers are entirely truthful. Bwahahaha!)

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10 Responses to Enter for Friday’s VRP Daily Giveaway and Grand Prize Gift Basket

  1. Lisa Adams says:

    I want to know, in detail, where you see yourself in ten years and how you are living… Not just “happy with my family…” bs, but really truely what you think will be.

  2. Kristie, thanks for asking me to be part of the tour.

  3. Ebyss says:

    I would really like to know if your happy with the success of doing this all yourself. If it is everything you imagined it to be.

  4. Good luck with the party and the prize distribution.

  5. Dawn Embers says:

    Is there any genre you’d like to try writing a novel in? Any genre you’d never want to write?

  6. Kristie Cook says:

    Lisa, Yesterday we were shopping for prize and party stuff and there was this shop that had the cutest beach-y kind of clothes – shorts and tops, cute little dresses… The kinds of things you can just picture yourself sitting on a balcony overlooking the water and sipping wine or taking a walk on the beach. Or sitting on the same balcony, working on my next book. And that’s what I said: “That’s my goal. To have the kind of lifestyle where I can buy my wardrobe here.” A place on the beach; full-time writing with breaks to do tours and meet the fans; lunches with friends and family; cooking dinner; weekends with family and friends, just hanging out or small trips; and lots of traveling. And maybe there have a been a couple of movie deals by then. LOL I can dream, right?

  7. Kristie Cook says:

    Michelle, Of course! It’s my pleasure!

  8. Kristie Cook says:

    Ebyss, I’m very happy. I know I’m a lot happier than if I hadn’t done it and I was still waiting on snagging an agent. Maybe I would have by now, but maybe not. And I know I would have always wondered “what if” had I not done it. It’s been a great ride and it’s just getting started. We’re just now going over that big first hill. I’m looking forward to the rest of the ride.

  9. Kristie Cook says:

    Thanks, Elaine! Have you entered? The grand prize is made of awesomeness.

  10. Kristie Cook says:

    Dawn, I don’t think I’d want to do category romance. It’s too predictable, I think, and too formulaic. And I know I can’t do anything technical like medical or military fiction. I don’t like to read things I have to think TOO much about because I have to do enough thinking in real life. So I know I wouldn’t enjoy writing it. I might try thriller/suspense and maybe a regular contemporary fiction. Right now, I’m focused on this series and nothing else has been screaming at me nearly as loudly.

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