Butterbeer Martinis

Saturday night I was Potions Master at a Hogwarts Feast and Harry Potter Geek-Out Party. Six of us girls sat down to a mouth-watering feast prepared by Chrissi (publisher/biz partner/friend) and her house-elves, including roasted chicken, spare ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, English peas, glazed carrots and Yorkshire pudding, plus treacle pudding for dessert. We were stuffed!

As Potions Master, my job was to mix drinks and the drink of the night was…BUTTERBEER MARTINIS! OMG, so freakin’ good! Chrissi and I made up the recipe last week and did some testing to come up with the right mix. A lot of people have asked about them, so here you go:


1 part whipped cream vodka
1 1/2 parts butterscotch schnapps
Butterscotch ice cream topping
Cream Soda

Pour all of the above except the soda over ice in a martini shaker. Shake. Drizzle more butterscotch topping in glass. Pour mixture to about 1/3 to 1/2 of glass (depending on personal taste/tolerance for alcohol). Fill the rest with cream soda.


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5 Responses to Butterbeer Martinis

  1. Brenda Drake says:

    Okay, those Butterbeer Martinis sound so good. I’ve never heard of whip cream vodka. Can’t wait to try them (if I can find the vodka)! 😀

  2. April says:

    Ooooh my. That does sound delish! Perfect drink to make during our vacation next week!

  3. SP Sipal says:

    Sounds wonderful! Both the butterbeer martinis and the Harry Potter geek-out! I’m going to Universal this week and hope to sample some of their butterbeer. 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was a blast. I’m having a Harry Potter party tomorrow with my friends as well. It should be great. I don’t drink, so I can’t go with this recipe…but my friend IS going to try and make some kind of butterbeer.


  5. Cheyanne says:

    OMG yes. I need this. Now.

    Too bad I’m at work.

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