Every Wednesday I feature an author you may not know yet, hopefully introducing you to some fantastic new reads. This week, I introduce you to Krissi Dallas. Well, actually, as part of Krissi’s Phantom Island Tour, her student Angie is introducing you. Take it away, Angie!

Angie & Krissi at a school rally.
Hey, there, Kristie! Thanks for hosting me on your blog! I first met Krissi Dallas through my church. She and her husband, Sam, have been in youth ministry at our church for about 9 years and Krissi’s always been an active part of the group, teaching middle school girls’ bible study, which is where I first got to really know her. She’s one of those people who can make just about anything interesting to hear about, and she’s amazing at relating it to everyday life situations to make it easier to understand. I would always be super excited to hear her teach, and I inevitably got something new out of every lesson. She’s the one who taught me to not be embarrassed to speak out with my ideas, even if they weren’t the conventional, expected responses everyone’s been trained to give.
Angie & Krissi at a book signing.
Krissi’s one of those people who just has a knack for making other people feel like they belong, even if they’ve never met her before. She would always host little parties at her house for us girls; we’d come over in our PJs and watch chick flicks and eat junk food and do girly stuff. (Sam always found a convenient reason to be gone. Haha.) It was always extremely fun, except for the one time a girl brought these AMAZING homemade peanut-butter-fudge brownies. Krissi didn’t know they had peanut butter in them. She ate one bite and then freaked out and had to run to the bathroom to puke and give herself a shot… she’s extremely allergic to peanuts! It was rather dramatic! That’s why it’s funny that in the opening of Windchaser, Whitnee talks about how much she loves peanut butter – it’s where her character greatly diverges from Krissi herself.

The main character of Whitnee is very obviously based on Krissi and a lot of these Krissi-things make their way into the novels. I always think the character of Caleb is like her husband, Sam, in attitude and sense of humor. That’s probably why these characters are super easy to love and relate to. Krissi Dallas is a fantastic writer, and everything she writes just pulls you deeper and deeper into her world, until it’s as if you’re standing there on the White Island right along with the characters. It’s one of those books that you will NOT want to put down! I saw a lot of late nights when I first read Windchaser and Windfall. Oh, and girls…I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but let me just say… Island boys? They are FINE!!! And for the record, it’s perfectly okay to have a major crush on an imaginary figure in a book… just sayin’…

I took Krissi’s test to see what tribe I’m in, and I’m closely tied between an Aerodorian and a Hydrodorian, though my Aero side is more dominant. To be an Aero means that I’m extremely music-oriented and a deep thinker. The Aeros have the power to control Wind, and they’re also typically the inventors on the Island, since they’re such innovative thinkers. My Hydro side means I’m extremely friendly and fun-loving, and I could just play in the water all day long if I was allowed. They obviously have the power to control Water, and they have amazing healing powers. They’re really good at clearing worries from your mind and helping you just focus on the excitement of the moment – pretty much everyone can get along with a Hydro.

It’s super cool, because almost everything that test said about me was true to life! Ever since I read the Phantom Island books, I mentally evaluate people to see what tribe they would belong to if they were to go to the Island. It’s pretty fun! So you should definitely check these books out – I promise you won’t be disappointed! Find out more about Krissi and the books on the last stop in the Pep Rally – The Book Swarm! And if you haven’t registered yet for the Phantom Island Swag Giveaway, you better go to Krissi’s blog quick and enter!
My Hydrodorian tattoo

Like Angie, I, too, am tied between Aerodorian and Hydrodorian tribes. Angie’s right about how eerily accurate the descriptions are. I’ve gone with the Hydros, though, mostly because I love the idea of houses built over water, the only way I could make a decision because I am so equally both.

What tribe are you in? Take the quiz and find out, then grab your tattoo. While you’re there, be sure to enter Krissi’s giveaway. And don’t forget to check out her new releases, Windchaser and Windfall.