We have winners from The Space Between Release Tour giveaway! Congratulations to…

Shannon R.
who won the $200 gift card
Nicoleta D.
who won the swag bag full of goodies

Both winners have been notified by email! If that’s you, please be sure you get back to me so we can get your prize sent off. 🙂

I also have pictures of the UK tour to share with you. Finally!!! There are actually over 1,500 pictures between my phone and my “official” photojournalist (*snicker*), Heather. Here are just a “few”:

My traveling companions, Jody and Chrissi, with me in front of Buckingham Palace not too long after landing in London. We carried those coffee cups for HOURS because there are no public trash bins in London.

A drink at our first London pub after checking out Harrod’s. We’re about ready for bed, though it’s only about 5 p.m. local time.

Heather and me on the London Eye with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the background.

Inga from Estonia and the Me and Reading book blog. I still can’t believe we got to meet in person! We’re getting ready to watch The Bodyguard on stage here.

Oh, yeah, we went to the Warner Bros. studios where they filmed Harry Potter.

Chrissi and Heather on Hagrid’s motorcycle with the Knight Bus behind them.

Chrissi and Heather in front of the actual model they used for filming Hogwarts.

Me with Christina, owner of Treadwell’s Books (the location of the London signing), and her assistant Diane.

The European half of my Kristie’s Crew, who helped coordinate the entire UK tour.

After London, we headed for York, where we got a 2-day tour in 3 hours. This is the York Minster. Beautiful! York was my favorite place of the whole tour, full of history. I hope to go back with the family some day.
Part of our tour of York included proper English tea at Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms. YUM!

Readers who came to the signing in York. He wanted to kidnap me and keep me until I told him the whole Soul Savers story!

The Crew at the York signing.

Heather and me in front of the tower in York – all that remains of the York castle – during our ghost tour.

Now we’re in Liverpool! And getting a little close with John Lennon in front of The Cavern, the first place the Beatles performed.

The Duckmarine we rode for a tour of Liverpool.

A fan at the Liverpool signing!

This was us A LOT – either in a cab or on a train.

The four of us Americans in Birmingham.

The Crew at the Birmingham signing.
There was a LINE (queue) at the Birmingham signing! I couldn’t believe how many people came out! I couldn’t possibly get everyone’s pictures here, but I snagged a few to post.

Me with Donna, manager at Bebo Cafe, the location of the Birmingham signing. She is now a fan of the Soul Savers, having read all four books over the last few days!

Kate, who made this fabulous TSB banner for the Birmingham signing.

Off to Bristol now! On Sunday, our last day in England, we woke up in Birmingham, traveled to Bristol, then went to bed in London. Here’s me with a fan at the Bristol signing.

The Crew at the Bristol signing – about to say our final good-byes.

The gorgeous Bristol train station – about all we saw in Bristol, as our time was short.

A common sight for us – a train station!

Back in London, the night before we fly home. This is our last pint at an English pub.

There are so many more photos I could share! We had a wonderful time with some amazing hosts throughout the tour. A special shout-out to Julie, Claire, Stacey, Debbie, and Kate for all of their hard work and assistance. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!