When Do You Buy Books?

The Big 6 publishers release most, if not all, of their books on Tuesdays. Just like DVDs and video games. I’ve yet to figure out why this is. Do more people buy these things on Tuesdays? That doesn’t seem right. I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely at the store on a Tuesday and I usually won’t make a special trip.

Maybe that’s why. Maybe the retailers have conspired and demanded that all new releases be on Tuesdays so they can attract more shoppers. I don’t know. Whatevs.

But I am curious… When do you usually tend to buy books? Unless I just finished a book in a series and have to have the next one (which I’ll usually get on my Kindle), I buy on the weekend. Especially if it’s a dead-tree book because I just don’t have the time to get to the store during the week. If I’m looking for something new to read on my Kindle, it’s usually on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, when I’m procrastinating I find myself with free time.

But am I weird? Um…already know the answer to that. Ignore it.

Just tell me, please, when do you buy books? Does it depend on whether it’s a dead-tree book or ebook? What about if it’s a new-to-you author or an old favorite? Or the first in a series or a later installment?

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8 Responses to When Do You Buy Books?

  1. Cheyanne says:

    I buy books on payday! If it’s a book I’m really excited about, I’ll make sure to buy it within the first week it’s released. I also pre order them so they’ll show up at my door and I don’t have to waste a trip to the book store that’s 20 mins away.

  2. mommy0306 says:

    i buy books around paydays however new releases i will pre order them. i have a kindle though so i dont have to make a trip anywhere. just have to make sure my net is on and i’m good to go. 🙂

  3. Emily Patterson says:

    I buy most of my books online, both ebooks and paper. Ebooks I seem to buy during the week and paper books anytime I find a book I’m looking for at a good price. Then it’s up to the postal system as to what day I get them!!

    My newsagent has a few books but my closest book store is 130kms away:( When I lived in the same town as a book store I often bought books on a Thursday or Friday(pre-ebook days!!)

  4. Heather says:

    I’m totally unpredictable. I could buy any time, anywhere. I might buy online or in a book store. Tuesday doesn’t have much to do with it. 😉

  5. Dawn Embers says:

    That is a little weird. I didn’t notice the Tuesday trend before. I don’t buy e-books yet cause I don’t have my own e-reader but when it comes to other books, I usually buy whenever I get a chance to go to a store. Sure, at random I will buy books online but I prefer to go in to bookstores but it wasn’t until recently that we even had a local independent store. Most of the time I’ve had to drive an hour or more to get to buy books. So, there is no particular day of the week, it’s just whenever I can.

  6. KM says:

    I definitely don’t buy books on Tuesdays because I always have a million classes on that day and don’t have time. Usually, I go shopping on the weekend. Of course, I tend to buy books mostly on Amazon, so…maybe I buy them whenever. haha But if I’m going to get something in a bookstore, definitely on the weekend!

  7. inga says:

    For me it does not depend on a day. It depends what kind of book I want to read. If it’s for example US contemporary authors and books I’m interested in, I do it online. There are several reasons for it. First, I can read right after the release of the book and I don’t have to wait months or years for the translation. Secondly, it is cheaper to use ebooks, and I don’t have to wait for the delivery for two weeks. In these cases I use Kindle.
    If it is for example litterature from my own country, I am either ordering a book online or go the the bookstore. Since bookstores are my favorite stores anyway (right, not shoes or cloths or bags, but books!), then whenever I’m going there, I always find something interesting. It doesn’t mean that I buy half of the store, but I always end up with book or two.
    Besides that, in case I really love the book, then I simply must have it in paper-version on my book-shelves! 🙂
    Some books I need to buy right away and with some books I can wait. If it is a book from series, then I am normally very unpatient.

  8. Kristie Cook says:

    It seems like paydays and weekends are the consensus. And it only makes sense – time and money. Just makes me wonder even more why the entertainment industry plans their releases on Tuesdays. It must be a retailer or distributor thing.

    At least I know I’m not weird…at least, not in this area. Haha!

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