The Big 6 publishers release most, if not all, of their books on Tuesdays. Just like DVDs and video games. I’ve yet to figure out why this is. Do more people buy these things on Tuesdays? That doesn’t seem right. I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely at the store on a Tuesday and I usually won’t make a special trip.

Maybe that’s why. Maybe the retailers have conspired and demanded that all new releases be on Tuesdays so they can attract more shoppers. I don’t know. Whatevs.

But I am curious… When do you usually tend to buy books? Unless I just finished a book in a series and have to have the next one (which I’ll usually get on my Kindle), I buy on the weekend. Especially if it’s a dead-tree book because I just don’t have the time to get to the store during the week. If I’m looking for something new to read on my Kindle, it’s usually on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, when I’m procrastinating I find myself with free time.

But am I weird? Um…already know the answer to that. Ignore it.

Just tell me, please, when do you buy books? Does it depend on whether it’s a dead-tree book or ebook? What about if it’s a new-to-you author or an old favorite? Or the first in a series or a later installment?

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