Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, my lovelies. I’ve decided to re-think my Teaser Tuesdays for a while, because I don’t know what to tease you with. Promise is out and I think I’ve already teased the hell out of it, anyway. And until more people read Promise, I don’t want to get into Purpose. So…I’m thinking of replacing it with something else, but haven’t figured out what.
And yesterday I had a post completely written in my head. I even had a title for it: Whiner Wednesday. Because that’s all I was doing: whining. Complaining about not having enough time, money, space and sleep. Whining about everything I had to do, which keeps me from doing all those things I really want to do. Sharing my envy for all of you who get to read a lot and write reviews and manage beautiful book-blog sites…or those of you who get to write without a deadline or are so involved in your writing, you think of nothing else and wishing I was in that place again but there’s just too much to do…or those of you who have been taking trips – whether long or short, nearby or far off – because it’s been so long since I’ve traveled for fun.
Yes, it was all about whining. And who am I to whine right now? Sheesh! My first novel has just been released. I’m living my dream! So I mentally spanked myself and put myself into gratitude mode.
Because I am so thankful for all the blessings I have – my family, my friends, my day-job that pays the bills, a roof over my head, vehicles that get us all from point A to point B safely and reliably (perhaps without A/C, but at least we’re safe), the ability to purchase school supplies and clothes for my kids, and, of course, my writing and all the people who have supported me, past, present and future. We’re all generally healthy (although it’s football season so that can change quickly), my kids stay out of trouble and do well in school, we both have jobs and aren’t suffering nearly as badly as many during this economy. God has truly blessed us.
I’m also thankful for all of you, who check in here to see what nonsense I have to share. Who have read my book and suggested it to others. Who comment here or on Twitter or Facebook or email or real-life. Thank you for reading my ramblings and joining me in the celebration of Promise’s release. Thank you for sticking with me for what’s to come. *Love and hugs thrown at you all*
So…what are your thoughts for this summer’s day? What are you thankful for? Or, if you feel like it, what do you have to whine about today? Go ahead, I don’t care. Sometimes we need that bit of time to let it all out. It helps us to release it from our souls and then to regain perspective. So use this opportunity to whine, if you’d like. We can all whine together and offer cheese to each other to go with it, and then move onto better thoughts.