I did it! The splits! See, here I am:

Haha! Yeah, right. This is about as close as I get to the splits:

So, actually, I split the blog. You may not notice any difference here, although there are some past posts missing. But there’s a big change over here. While you’re checking out my new writer digs, learn about the seemingly never-ending road of revisions and how Purpose still looked like this last week:

And please don’t forget to follow that other blog, especially if you’re a writer. All my writing, publishing and industry related posts will be over there, leaving this one for my books, author news and other official author stuff. We’ll still have fun here, but more readerly fun than writerly fun.

Besides the split, which wasn’t as bad as I expected, I also accomplished this over the weekend. Plus the beginnings of a website for my publisher. And put together the first issue of my newsletter, which will be going out shortly.

But probably the greatest accomplishment of all? Four generations of a family dinner and NO FIGHTING. We even played a game. I have three teen boys, 16 and 18 months apart. They define “competitive.” So I cringe a little when a game is brought out for them. But we all played and had a great time and a fun dinner. Makes me look forward even more to Thanksgiving.

What did you get done this weekend? And did you have time to just hang out, too? Any good stories to share? Promise, I won’t tell. 🙂