The Reviews Are Coming In…

5 Stars from Stella, book blogger at Ex Libris: “Promise is a fantastic epic love story. The paranormal Romeo and Juliet. Better than Twilight!!” 
5 Stars from Judy, writer at Ebysswriter“Quite honestly, this is one of the best books I’ve read since my love affair with the Mortal Instruments Series. I highly recommend it. If you love the blooming romance of Twilight and the magic of Evermore, this book is right up your alley.”
Meredith Shea Wood, fantasy author of Panthan’s Crucible: “Kristie Cook has created an intoxicating world with a cast of characters that are deliciously addicting.”
5 Stars from Chrissi Jackson, reader and publisher at Ang’dora Productions: “Kristie Cook has written a book that will appeal to everyone who enjoys fantasy, romance and mystery. Her vivid descriptions and well-woven story lines keep you glued to the pages to see what will happen next.”
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One Response to The Reviews Are Coming In…

  1. Funny that you posted this now. I started Promise last night…guess what, I stayed up reading till after 4am!! I kept saying “okay, I’ll read to page 75..then 100…then 150!!”…lol. Definitely addictive! 🙂 Needs to carry a warning on the back “May lead to loss of sleep!”

    Love it!!! 🙂

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