Lots going on right now and just enough time for a quick update on the good, the bad and the ugly in my corner of the world.

The Good:

  • GENESIS is with the proofreaders this week. Woot! Al.Most.There.
  • Promise is back to 99c for Kindle and FREE for those in the UK.
  • Purpose is nearly in the Top 100 of ALL Kindle Paid in the UK. That would make it a national bestseller. *dies* Thank you to all of the new readers across the pond!!! I can’t ever show how much I appreciate you giving my books a chance. Much, much, much love to you!
  • I have a special guest on Wednesday and I can’t wait for you to read her post. So watch for it.
  • The GENESIS tour is almost completely scheduled, but there are a few spots left. If you want to be a tour stop, please email me ASAP at kristie (at) kristiecook (dot) com.
  • I got to spend the weekend with the college boy to celebrate his 19th birthday. I love seeing him and hate watching him leave.

The Bad:

  • My business partner/publisher is tending to a family emergency in Minnesota. Please keep Chrissi and her mother in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Author and friend Brenda Pandos is also at the hospital, with her son who will be having open heart surgery tomorrow. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, too. If you’d like, you can share your thoughts with Brenda on her Facebook page.

The Ugly:

  • My house. It’s in serious need of a good cleaning. A remodeling job would be nice, too, but for now I’d settle for vacuumed floors and dusted furniture. Any volunteers?
  • My feet. Of course, in my opinion, feet are ALWAYS ugly, but mine are especially so right now. They’re in serious need of a pedicure. Poor piggies.
  • My car. It, too, needs a serious cleaning. Good thing Homecoming’s coming up. Boy #2 has to clean it if he wants to drive it. Bwahahaha!

That’s all for now. How was your weekend? What’s your week look like? Any good, bad and ugly to share?