(And if you dare ask if that’s my birthday coming up, I’ll reach right through your screen and slap you.)
This is a time for celebration! I’ve reached 50 Followers!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!
(Apparently, this calls for lots of !!!!s. All celebrations do, right?)
Thank you all for thinking I have something interesting to say. When I first started, I really thought this blog would be a big flop, but it’s actually been a lot of fun. I’ve been scheming in the background, too, and have even more fun and interesting things planned. I’m really excited for its future.
But first…what this milestone really calls for is a GIVEAWAY!
This is going to be an epic contest because I’m combining the 50 and 100 milestones. In other words, I’m going to bribe my lovely followers (and I really do love you!) to help me reach 100.
Before I get to the details, I have a special announcement (and this is relevant to the contest):
PROMISE, my upcoming novel, has its own website!
Okay, I won’t delay you any longer. Here’s how the giveaway will work. It took about three months to get 50 suckers followers and I know how these things snowball, so I’ll give it six weeks to get to 100. So the contest will run from right now until May 31 or until the blog reaches 100 followers, whichever comes first. If it doesn’t reach 100 followers by May 31, someone still wins. If it does reach 100 followers by then, the grand prize will be good. If it reaches 100 before May 31, it will be even better! I PROMISE!
The prizes? I haven’t exactly decided, but I’ll keep you posted when I do. My thoughts include a grand prize of a gift basket including 2-4 good books and books or gift cards for second and third prizes. There are some great books releasing this summer, including two I absolutely cannot wait for: PROMISE (of course) and MOCKINGJAY. So they will both definitely be included (with PROMISE being a signed ARC and MOCKINGJAY a pre-order for its August 24 release).
So how do you enter? I’m going to give you all kinds of opportunities. But to win, you have to be a blog follower. So following gives you one automatic entry. To thank my first 50 followers, you automatically get two entries. If you comment below and tell me what you would like for a prize (specific books, gift cards, etc., within reason – I’m not a multimillionaire bestseller…yet!), you get another entry. If you become a follower of the Promise site, you get another entry. If you post a link back to here or the Promise site on Facebook, Twitter or your website, you get another entry for each post (please post here a separate comment with the link for each one). Then…for each comment made on future blog posts from now until the end of the contest, there will be an entry. Confusing? I’ll break it down:
+2 entries if you were among the first 50 followers
+1 entry for becoming a new follower
+1 entry for following www.IHavePromise.com
+1 entry for commenting below on what kind of prize you’d like to win
+1 entry for each time you post a link on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog or website – just be sure to post a comment below for each one with the link
+1 entry for each comment on future blog posts between now and the contest end date
I’ll keep you updated on how we’re doing over the next six weeks.
So…let’s go! This will be fun!!