Last week I turned the floor over to you and some great questions came in! So let’s get started on the A part of the Q & A (Part I).

Hartreader asked: What part of the books did you struggle writing, emotionally, not knowing what to do with the characters, or even the struggle of your heart and mind? 
The most difficult parts I’ve had to write so far are the end of Promise and the beginning of Purpose. Remember that I wrote these as one book and every time I came to this part in edits, I’d take on Alexis’s emotions. The end of Devotion is proving difficult as well.

Alex asked: What will you do when you hit four hundred followers? (Because you are really close.) 
Good question! I don’t know yet. I’ve been so tied up with the release of Genesis, I haven’t thought much about it, but I’m sure there will be some kind of celebration with a giveaway. 🙂

Trizzan asked: Besides writing what else do you like to do???
I love to read, of course, and cook and blog. Most of my time is spent doing those things and watching my son play football. I try to carve out some time to go on motorcycle rides with The Man and go to the beach, but those don’t happen nearly as often I’d like. I’ve been wanting to get into scrapbooking, but just haven’t made the time yet. Sheesh, I sound so boring. These aren’t very original, are they? Oh, well, maybe when we’re empty-nesters we can do the fun stuff – scuba diving and jumping out of airplanes to start with.

Sarah asked: How do you balance a life of writing and having a family (I don’t know how you do it, but I’m amazed by your work!)? Have you written any “little” stories which have never been published (i.e., children’s stories, short YA stories, etc…)? Sorry, I know that’s two questions, but I had to ask...
Balance? Ha! I don’t know that you’d call it balance. It’s more like playing teeter-totter by myself – just as one side is about to hit bottom, I run up the plank to bring the other side down before it soars out of grasp. Seriously, my kids are older teens and it seems like they’re always gone, and when they’re home, friends/girlfriends are over and they want to be left alone. That leaves a lot of quiet time for The Man and me and I can’t stand sitting around watching TV all night long. I admit that I’m a little insane with so much to do, but I love it all.

I have lots of stories in the attic that have never been published. In fact, most of them aren’t even finished and probably never will be. I should probably go burn them before someone discovers the hideousness.

Dawn asked: What do you do to unwind when you are blocked, too stressed etc?
I usually don’t have to do anything – my body and brain do it for me. They just collapse and refuse to go on. I’ll sit on the couch for a minute and they hold me prisoner the rest of the night. So I read or watch a movie or just sleep. If it’s just my brain that’s stressed or blocked, then I go for long walks.

There are still so many more questions to answer! So I’m going to split these up and answer the rest next week. If I didn’t get to yours, don’t worry. I will! And if you still have a question for me, please go ahead and ask.

I’ll announce the winner of the Genesis ebook next week, too.