We are on the countdown for the release of The Space Between. Yippee!!! There’s even word of an early release for ebooks? Hmm…don’t know where I heard that from, but you might want to pay attention. If it happens, it will probably be announced on my Facebook page first, so be sure to “Like” the page.

For now, here are a few favorite quotes to (hopefully) get you all excited:

I don’t do girlfriends, unless they’re someone else’s. ~ Jeric

I’d decided being good hadn’t worked out so well for me, so I thought I’d try being bad, which I excelled at, too. ~ Jacey

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine? Is that what you want to play? Because there are much more fun versions than this. ~ Micah

I don’t think I can do just a kiss. Not with you. ~ Jeric

My soul tugged and pulled as if trying to escape my body. Pulled toward him. And at the same time, I felt his coming for me, and they met in the minute space between us and danced and mixed and bonded together, creating the most amazing and unbelievable sensation I’d ever felt. I’d almost call it an out-of-body experience except I still physically felt every nerve ending in my body, and each one was on fire from head to my curling toes. ~ Leni

Well, isn’t that how life is anyway? Anytime you think you have control, life waves its big magic wand and poof! Everything around you has changed. Life’s an illusion. ~ Jacey

You’re all I have, too, you know. We’re all either of us have. And if loving you does by some fucked-up chance kill me, I’m okay with it. I couldn’t die a better way, Jace. ~ Micah

She didn’t seem to know what she did to me. So many girls had wanted from me what I couldn’t give them, but Leni had no idea she was the exception. The only one who could make me want to give her everything. The world. Myself. Whatever she wanted. ~ Jeric

One hand slid down my side and came to a rest on my hip, his fingers pressing into the sensitive area where my panties met my leg. I wondered if he was fully awake and knew whom he lay next to, or if I was just another girl in his sleep-fogged mind. ~ Leni