It’s hard to post a teaser for Faith without giving any spoilers. If you aren’t caught up through Torment, you might want to quickly click on to something else. If you are, enjoy this little tease…

“Oh, dear,” he said, and now the longer he spoke, the less monstrous and more human he sounded. “I’m afraid I’ve gone and offended you. I am very sorry, Alexis. I’d so wanted to start off on the right foot.” A hoof and a leg shaped like an ox’s, but with the same skin tone as the rest of him, appeared briefly before hiding behind the blackness again. Deep laughter ensued. “Pardon my humor. Maybe this is better?”

Before me, a bright light shone, and I had to blink and squint against the sudden brilliance in the thorough blackness. As my eyes adjusted, the full body of a striking man with white-blond hair and cerulean blue eyes, broad shoulders, and wearing a black suit with a thin, red tie came into focus, looking as though a spotlight illuminated him, but from within. Although his coloring was like Lucas’s, Victor’s, and, I assumed, other descendants of Jordan, their attractiveness paled in comparison. He was breathtakingly beautiful.

But still a far cry from Tristan.

The sound of a deep growl rumbled around me.

“I was the most beautiful of them all,” Satan said, his voice a mesmerizing song that I wanted to ignore, but could not possibly. “Still am, in any of my forms, if you ask me.”

The beautiful man disappeared, replaced by the horned beast with red and orange skin, glowing eyes, a tail with a barbed end, and huge wings with claws on their tips. Like hot coals, his skin lit up, glowing in the colors of flames, and I lifted my arm to shield my eyes from the glare, so much more intense than before. Darkness instantly surrounded me, but when I lowered my arm, the attractive man stood before me.

“I will hold this form for you.” He sounded as though he were doing me a great favor. “I don’t particularly like it. It’s quite uncomfortable, but my comfort matters not. I’m more concerned about yours.”

I dropped my arm completely, my hand landing in my lap, and stared at him. My throat felt thick and dry, but I managed to form together a few words, because now he made no sense.

“You just said I’d receive no mercy here, but you’re concerned about my comfort?”


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