Teaser Tuesday

It’s me, Alexis, again. No, Kristie hasn’t come back yet, but I’m feeling a little better, having control of the blog this week. At least I have control of something, since I have little over my own life.

I’ve been digging around her files, too, to make sure she doesn’t have any horrible plans for me. Apparently, she’s a pantser, because I can’t find any outlines. A few notes here and there, but nothing good. I, personally, am an outliner. I don’t know how pantsers do it (for you non-writer real-lifers, pantsers write by the seat of their pants, without a real outline). I think it’s good for me that she’s a pantser, though. Gives me a little more control, right? [crazy grin, rubs hands together] Bwahahaha! (Did I mention I’m about to lose my mind?)

I’ve been perusing through the blog, too, and apparently Tuesdays are for teasers. So I’m giving the ultimate teaser. This will really teach Kristie to leave me in such a state! You’ll need some time for this, but if you really want a taste of Promise, go here. Yep. I put up two whole chapters! Hehe.

Go on. Go read it. Then come back when you’re done. Since you’ll know a little more about us, you might have some questions now. And if you don’t have any about us, feel free to ask anything about Kristie. I live in her head – I know all the dirt!

(And, um, if I don’t come back, please, please, please beg Kristie to have mercy on me.)

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3 Responses to Teaser Tuesday

  1. Dawn Embers says:


    Alexis, you amuse me.

  2. Haha! This was great. Love your style 😀

  3. Kristie Cook says:

    Happy to be of service. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and indulging me! [From Alexis, not that author who abandoned me]

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