So I’m working hard on revising Genesis (releasing 10/28) and getting it ready for you lovely peeps and thought I’d share a little tease with you today. Please keep in mind that I’m still revising, so this could change in the future. But here you go:

Cassandra followed the light of the full moon that still hung high in the sky back to the battlefield, skirting the woods this time. The darkness within them frightened her. She knew animals would be out hunting and from the sounds, not all were small creatures. The cracks of larger branches breaking made her believe something inside was bigger than her and she didn’t want to be its prey. But she didn’t stop and turn back. Her concern for Niko outweighed her fear.
When she approached the tree she’d left him under, though, her heart sank. He was nowhere around. She took a few timid steps into the woods, peering into the darker areas where he might have found better shelter, but no sign of him existed at all. Not even her water skins were left behind. There was no blood, though, no sign of a struggle.
She blew out a sigh of exasperation. After hours of nightmares and little sleep, she’d worried for nothing. His comrades must have found him and taken him back to their camp. Relief that he was safe finally washed through her, followed by a twinge of disappointment in her heart. She’d been hoping, more than she’d realized, that she’d see him again.