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We’ve been around the world in the past week, visiting places Alexis and the rest of our beloved characters travel to throughout the Soul Savers series. Thank you to everyone who joined us, including the fabulous authors who donated their time and precious social media real estate. Now that you’ve seen the new covers for the main books in the series (Genesis and Wonder will be getting new threads soon), we get to my very awesome, very big, very special announcement. But first I’ll bore you with a story – and the big giveaway is at the end, so you … Continue reading

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This happened… I am back from utopYA Con 2014 on a total high. It was such an amazing experience, even without the award. If there is any possible chance you can make it next year, I recommend it to all writers (published or not), bloggers, and readers. It’s not just a conference – it’s an experience. Anyway, THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Tristan! This wouldn’t have happened without you, the readers and fans. You all amaze me and totally rock my world. You all have my heartfelt love and appreciation. In related news, Tristan is once again part … Continue reading

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Fan-made graphic – Thank you, Rebecca! Today is my birthday! It’s also the 3 year anniversary since publishing my very first book, Promise (the 1.0 edition). At that time, it was a let’s-give-it-our-all-and-see-what-happens kind of thing. We really had no idea where things would go from there. I had my dreams, but I was also realistic. If I only wrote for myself and friends and family, I was okay with that. I surely didn’t know we’d be re-releasing Promise and Purpose a year later and that they would take off on the bestsellers lists. I also didn’t know that I’d have five more titles out … Continue reading

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Well, we are done this year with the NA Crush Tourney. Tristan lost his match yesterday, but you all put up an amazing fight. Abbi Glines herself called you “fierce” and said Tristan definitely made his mark. The numbers were pretty spectacular. Our match had over 11,370 votes. None of the other matches had over 5,000. Tristan had 22% of the vote in the end, which is about 2,500! Besides Rush, his opponent, only one of the other crushes competing yesterday had more votes (and it wasn’t the #1 seed). From about 8 a.m. EST yesterday morning on, Tristan brought … Continue reading

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My blog post schedule got a little screwed up today (thanks for that, Blogger), so sorry for the late hour of this post. But just in case you didn’t get to see the awesomeness of Lisa, Tristan’s advocate for the NA Crush Tourney, and some hilarious and devoted fans of Kristie’s Crew, I wanted to share Lisa’s fantabulous post she prepared for the tourney. Thank you so much, Lisa, for all you’ve done! (And if you haven’t voted yet, it’s not too late! Voting is open until midnight tonight.) Lisa’s advocate post: Hi everyone! As I’ve mentioned a few times.. … Continue reading

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