I totally missed Five for Friday. WAY too much going on yesterday. And I’ve actually missed quite a few FFFs, so I’ll make it up with Six for Saturday.

Six things you should know for this weekend:

  1. You can now pre-order signed copies of Purpose!!! Do it right here with our fancy new shopping cart.
  2. You have extra time to enter my contest and giveaway to win a Purpose ARC, other books, a gift card or a Kindle. We’ve extended the deadline for the contest and giveaway. Details here.
  3. You can read my scary ghost story for #HauntedHalloween and win a signed copy of Promise on Jessica’s blog over at Confessions of a Bookaholic on Halloween (Sunday).
  4. NaNoWriMo starts Monday, so if you haven’t decided whether to do it or not…you probably ought to this weekend. We writers are known for procrastinating, but this is getting a little ridiculous, don’t you think? (Do you think I’ve made a definitive decision? I keep thinking I have, but…)
  5. Be sure to (re)stock your candy bowl before Sunday. Because it is Halloween, ya know? Please tell me this is not the only house that goes through all the candy before the day even arrives. All. Five. Bags.
  6. Be sure your pets are inside and safe Halloween night – there are some sick people out there! And speaking of pets…I can’t even pull together a costume for myself these days and look at these beastly get-ups.

Have a Happy Halloween!!