Purpose Release Day…

…was yesterday! LOL It’s been such a crazy couple of days, I didn’t even get to post on Release Day! I think I was suffering from a Twitter Party hangover.

I was also Twitter-partying two nights in a row, celebrating Brenda Pandos’ release last night. Yep, we shared a book birthday! And it was the second book in the series and the second book in 2010 for both of us. So how could I not celebrate her release of The Sapphire Talisman with her?!? If you get a chance, congratulate Brenda on her blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Okay, back to Purpose’s release. Besides Tuesday night’s crazy party that landed me in Twitter jail and then led into Release Day, yesterday consisted of a couple character interviews and a guest post by me:

Although Release Day has come and gone, the Virtual Release Party & Virtual Release Tour keep going! Today, I’m hanging out with Lisa at A Life Bound by Books. In fact, the cast and I will be hanging out there the rest of the week. Don’t forget to enter – or at least check out – all the cover remakes of both Promise and Purpose at Confessions of a Bookaholic or A Life Bound by Books. Entries due by Saturday.

I also have some more indie authors to spotlight, including one later today. Who will it be? Come back and find out!

Thanks for touring and partying with me! I hope you’re having a great week. We’re on the down slide…to the last shopping weekend before Christmas! Yikes! Are you ready????

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5 Responses to Purpose Release Day…

  1. Dawn Embers says:


    *celebrates with confetti and glitter* *adds cookies to make up for the glitter*

  2. Congrats on you release, or I should say releases. You wrote two books in a year. All I can say is, WOW. You are my hero.

  3. Must’ve been some party!!!

  4. Heather says:

    Happy day after release day to PURPOSE! *throws streamers*

  5. Kristie Cook says:

    Dawn & Heather, thank you for the confetti, glitter, cookies and streamers! Still picking it out of my hair and finding glitter in my keyboard.

    Elizabeth, I didn’t exactly *write* two books in a year…though I sort of did, but that’s a long story divulged on a couple of the blog tour stops. Anyway, I did release two books this year and it has been CRAZY. Thanks for the grats!

    Alex, when you land in jail, it must be a good party. LOL

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