I am so freakin’ excited! Promise and Purpose are listed in extremely popular and competitive categories on Amazon, so it’s really hard to break into a Top 100 list. But Promise finally did! Check this out:

I caught it last night right at #100 in the category and it’s since dropped a few notches. Yay!!! Finally!!!

Sales had been increasing all through March, but maybe what finally did it was this: price drop to 99 cents. That’s right. Promise ebooks are dropped to 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords and should start showing up on other retailers soon. Purpose ebook has been dropped to $4.99.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble also have both paperbacks on sale!

So there’s no time like RIGHT NOW to get Promise and Purpose. Want a taste first? Excerpts at http://www.ihavepromise.com/p/excerpts.html and http://www.ihavepurpose.com/p/excerpts.html