We’re having a virtual release party on Facebook tonight! I hope you can drop in, maybe stick around for some fun. And because I’m not beyond bribing, there will be PRIZES!

The details:

What: Power Release Facebook Party
When: Friday, 9/7, 8-11 pm EST
(Bring Your Own Beverage, Treats, Music, Questions and Smile)

I’ll be doing something again later in the month for all of my many UK readers who will be in bed by the time the party starts. (Did I ever mention that I’m tempted to move to the UK, where they seem to LOVE the Soul Savers Series? Well, I am, because I love them right back.)

Hope to see you at the party tonight! If not, have a fabulous weekend.

P.S. There seems to be a technical problem with today’s blog stop, so I’m taking it off the list for now and hopefully they can reschedule.