I had some nasty hacker/virus issues with the website last week, making it nearly impossible for people to access it (although it technically didn’t have any problems itself – it just linked to another site that was having problems). I hope you’ll scroll down and check out last week’s posts. I actually had lots of them (in comparison to my lame blogging history). (Seems I’m full of parenthetical statements today.) (You’ve been warned.)

I featured five book bloggers for Book Blogger Appreciation Week and hope you’ll take a look at their awesome blogs. I also welcomed Heather McCorkle for Writer Wednesday. All of my guests were fantabulous!!!

A couple weeks ago, I took The Farewell Tour for my grandmother. All-in-all, it was a great trip. On our first night, we stopped in Gainesville to have dinner with the college boy (and to deliver a few necessities), then drove onto Georgia. The next day, we checked out Savannah, Georgia, which was gorgeous! We did a walking tour of the historic district:

I absolutely fell in love with the old Southern homes!

If you’ve seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you might recognize this fountain.

Did I mention I love the old homes???
You can look down just about any street in historic Savannah and it looks something like this. Even the trees look ghostly!

I definitely want to spend some more time in Savannah – it is very muse inspiring. I think it’s also a great location for a romantic weekend or a long weekend with the girls. After our self-guided walking tour, we did a drive down River Street (the touristy area, with all the hotels, restaurants, bars and shops), which just reinforced my belief that a girls weekend there would be awesome.

Quick shot of the old shipping warehouses on River Street, now used to entertain the tourists.

After our couple of hours in Savannah, we drove onto North Carolina, where we spent the night, then headed onto Northern Virginia on Labor Day. About an hour out of town, it started raining and it hardly stopped the entire time I was there.

The book signing in Arlington was hampered a bit with the crappy weather, but it gave me the chance to catch up with some old high school friends. Ugh – front and center makes me look huge compared to them in this self-portrait.

From Monday to Friday morning (when I headed home) the sun peeked out once. For the fifteen minutes we were graveside at Arlington National Cemetery for Grandma’s services, the clouds parted and a few rays shone down.

And I’ll leave you to ponder that. (I love you, too, Grandma!)