Oops! Share the K3

Yesterday, I teased about something really exciting I’ll have going on for the next six weeks: Sharing the <3 with #Tristan<3. But there was a little problem. Twitter doesn’t like symbols except in tweets, including < – yeah, no hearts in a hashtag. So the team and I did some brainstorming and decided this looks pretty close: #TristanK3 He has an underlined heart. 🙂

And that fits because this cause is just as near and dear to his heart as it is to mine. I’m sure it’s that whole guilt about his past thing – he’s always looking for ways to do good and this is definitely a do-good thing.

We both hope you’ll join us. More info coming soon. And be sure to follow #TristanK3 on Twitter.

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One Response to Oops! Share the K3

  1. SA Larsenッ says:

    Too bad you can’t put a heart on Twitter. Love the <3 symbol. Just hopped over from Heather’s blog. Nice place you’ve created here. Your books look awesome! Nice to meet you. Following you now.

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