In case you’re on a book budget and haven’t caught the free promotions for Promise…and in case you didn’t know already…

Promise eBook is now only $2.99!!!

That’s less than $3! Less than a cup of ‘Bucks! Less than a gallon of gas! Hours of entertainment for less than…the majority of things in this world.

I know, I sound like an infomercial. But I really believe readers get so much bang for their buck when they buy a book, regardless of how much it is (unless it’s like, you know, too outrageous). Books really do provide hours of entertainment, especially compared to, say, a 2-hour movie – that costs $10 + popcorn + candy (or however you pay your date…). So reading is always a bargain.

I don’t know how long Promise will stay at $2.99. It might be permanent or it might not. Promise started at $5.99 and dropped to $4.99 when Purpose came out. We’re experimenting, testing price points to find the best price for readers.

What do you think is a fair price for an ebook? Is it less if you’ve never heard of the author? Does a low price mean you’re more likely to check it out or does it mean lower quality to you?

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