OMG – I Feel Like an Arse

LOOK!!!! —————————————————–>>>>>>>>>>>
See all those followers??? Holy cow! Nice to meet you all! And I feel like such an arse now because I’ve been a very lame blogger this week.
The good news, though? I am compiling the prize basket for the giveaway. And we’re almost there! Almost to 100 followers. It happened so fast, so I really must get a move on. Specific announcement coming tomorrow.

Because it happened so fast (I expected this to go until May 31), I have a question for my lovelies. We can stop it at 100 followers (a few extra if I don’t catch it right away) and there will be 3 winners – 1 grand prize and 2 runners-up. Or we can let it go on until May 15 and go for 4 winners – 1 grand prize and 3 runners-up. What do you think? Just so you know, there are a total of 247 entries right now. Don’t forget…every comment gains another entry for you. So tell me your thoughts!

Edited to add: The prizes won’t all be ready for a couple weeks anyway (I really thought I had more time but you all are just full of awesome energy!)…in case this affects your opinion.

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6 Responses to OMG – I Feel Like an Arse

  1. Kristie Cook says:

    LOL So I didn’t mean to point at myself!! Look down…yeah, at those little pics. See yourself? Yeah, that’s what I meant!

  2. Precious says:

    The contest has been going on for a while. I think 3 winners would be okay. 🙂 Congrats on reaching 96 followers!

  3. Yay! Congrats on already reaching so many followers, you are only 3 short of 100 (97 right now)! Me too would prefer to end the contest now (impatient bunch, us? lol), and then maybe you could start a new again aiming for 200 or so 😉

  4. Talli Roland says:

    Congrats on all the followers – you deserve it! I think you should end it now! 🙂 Yes, I am impatient.

  5. Kristie Cook says:

    LOL You guys are funny! I should have probably mentioned that it’ll be a couple weeks before I have all the prizes ready, so I won’t be able to ship until the end of May anyway. I’ll go edit the post and you guys can tell me what you think. It’s all about you!

  6. Brodie says:

    Congratulations!!!! You never know, but May 31 you might have reached 200 followers! I don’t mind either way when you end it. May 15 means there’s one extra chance for us to win (well I know I won’t say no to an extra prize! LOL) but that means more money out of your own pocket. Ending now saves the sanity of the impatient. I’ll vote for May 15th, but only if you can afford it! So sue me, I want a copy of Promise! Or Mockingjay or something equally awesome! 😛

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