Every Tuesday throughout the Fall, I’ll be joining an amazing group of New Adult Authors as we spread the news about each other’s books. There is a giveaway every week and at the end, the grand prize is an ereader! This week, we introduce to you: Lila Atkinson.
   Zadie Parker is all about reinventing herself. Switching colleges after a humiliating freshman year is her latest upgrade. She’s excited to be living with her two best friends and looking forward to her new summer lifeguarding job. Life seems headed toward more stable waters, or so she

thinks. On her first day of work Zadie comes head to head with her biggest regret, Henry Fletcher.

   Henry’s the stupidly adorable boy Zadie crushed hard on in high school. The one too chicken to make his move three years before. He’s the reason
Zadie found the courage to move from the sidelines to being a risk-taker. But calling attention to yourself isn’t without consequences, especially when every co-ed has a camera phone.

   Hot summer days and warm, tension-fueled nights set the backdrop for Zadie and Henry to figure out if there is any chance they can heal while navigating the landmines of Zadie’s life.

    Lila Atkinson worked at an ice cream shop for 6 months during college. It sucked. To this day she can’t look at mint chocolate chip ice cream without having a panic attack.

    To ward off the hot, southern, summer days, Lila spends time at her pool daydreaming about lifeguards and summer romances. She has a husband, two girls and some pets.

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