I’m a soon-to-be-recovering workaholic (soon as when I win the lottery) and I’m a home-body. Since I work at home – for both my day-job and writing – I really, seriously, sadly don’t get out much. This week, though, offered a change of pace.

For the past few years, every two months I make an overnight trip to Orlando for the day-job business. It usually entails the drive up there, work for a couple hours, eat in my hotel room and enjoy the quiet and write…or get online because I suddenly feel so lonely. Then I get up the next morning, work for a couple hours and it’s time to head home. Done. That’s my trip.

One time I got to see my sister and spend some time with her. Another time, The Man came and we went to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert. And a third time, youngest-son came and we hung out together. But, for the most part, the trip’s really no different than my usual workaholic, homebody life, just in a different setting.

Well, this week, I brought along our associate, our only employee, so I could train her on the work we do on these trips. And, dude, did we have fun. We talked and laughed the whole drive up. We did our work, I showed her the ropes. We decided where to eat and made plans for the night.

We went to City Walk at Universal Studios, which is a big strip of restaurants, shops and clubs. We hung out at the piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s, listening to duals between piano players and their takes on a variety of songs, often singing along (well, I mouthed – no one wants to hear me sing). We even went dancing. We had a blast.

But the most memorable moment of the night…the part that made us laugh the hardest and keeps us talking about it still…the part that I just have to share with you in a picture because it’s the only way to do it justice… It was the very beginning of the night. Our appetizer, courtesy of some sushi chef at Roy’s with an…interesting…sense of humor:

Yes, we ate it. Yes, it was yum!