I write about angels and their…hmm…activities on Earth (that’s sort of a way to put it without giving the books away, anyway :-P). If angels do reside on Earth, embodied in human form, then Eisley Jacobs must be one.

I think Eisley was the first writer-friend I met on Twitter and I am so grateful I did. She’s a beautiful person and a wonderful writer. And, dude, she’ll make you laugh until you literally are rolling on the floor. Or, at least, falling out of your chair.

Eisley leaves right after Christmas for a mission trip to Ethiopia. She’s been sponsoring a child for several years and she might even get to meet her. How cool is that?!? Her story of how this trip finally came about for her is a lovely one. You can read it here.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile way to give this holiday season and throughout the year, Eisley and I ask that you consider sponsoring a child through the World Vision Organization. I’ve heard so many great things about this organization and what they’re doing for children around the world. You get back way more than you ever give.

If you don’t know Eisley yet, you want to. She’ll bless your life, even if just with some much needed laughs. You can stalk her get to know her at www.EisleyJacobs.com or @eisleyjacobs on Twitter.

*For the Purpose Virtual Release Party, I’m paying it forward by highlighting books and their authors, blogs and their writers, and charities and causes. For a list of those I’ve featured, stay tuned to the party’s page.