First: Thank you for sticking around, although I’m taking a break from blogging right now. I’m still reading as many of yours as I can when I get the chance. Even if I don’t comment, I’m reading. And I will be back – with a vengeance – by the end of this week.
Second: I’m interrupting my break for a blatant promotion, so you’ve been warned. I just didn’t want anyone to miss out, in case you’ve been waiting to pre-order Promise. After looking at the calendar for the hundredth time, we’ve decided that we must have all pre-orders by July 9 to ensure that they can be signed and delivered by July 30. With next week’s holiday, time can slip away fast.
Place your order at on the Where to Buy tab.

And if you’re not quite convinced to buy yet, check out this review at Ebysswriter (yes, it made me all tingly-happy).

Thank you so much!! Now I’ll leave you to your own busy lives for a few more days. Have a good one!