Sometime in early 2011, I joined a host of other authors and pledged to donate $500 to First Book if any of my books made it to the Top 100 of ALL Kindle Paid Bestsellers List. Making it to that list – not a genre or category list but THE Top 100 – had been a dream at the time and I thought making a donation to such a worthy cause was/is a great way to show my appreciation. Thanks to all of you, it became a reality in October when Promise topped out at #54 of All.Kindle.Titles.

I just received my royalty check for that blow-out month at the end of December and this week, I did it. I made the donation! That might be the most amount of money I’ve ever given away at once. And it felt awesome. It still does. If you’re not familiar with First Book, it’s a great cause supporting literacy in the United States. Please check it out, and if you can, give.

With Devotion coming out in a few short weeks (eek!), I’ve been thinking of the next way I can pay it forward. Violence against women and children has always been a soft spot of mine, particularly because of family history that I won’t go into. I’ve always said when I’m in a position to help, I will. Now I am. So here’s the deal.

When any of my books reach the Top 100 of ALL Kindle Paid Bestsellers List, I’ll donate $500 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which helps thousands of victims, survivors and their families who have suffered domestic violence. If more than one book makes it to the list, I’ll donate $1,000 to this great cause.

So there you go. You heard it here. Now let’s see if we can do it. You all did it before. You talked the books up. You spread the word. You helped raise that $500 for First Book. Let’s do it again for The Hotline. We can do this!

Ready? Break!