Something weird happened to me. I’ve completely lost the last two weeks. It was June 12th one moment and now it’s somehow June 26th. Did I enter some kind of time warp?

Well, I know where I was most of last week – traveling all over the state for day-job business stuff in Miami then home for a couple hours to pick up Son #2, drive to Orlando, attend UCF orientation and then get him settled into college. Three hotels in 4 nights (only 1 with internet). Three-hour drives in the rain. And come home to Debby flooding us out and blowing us away.

So, yeah, I can account for part of that time. And a few days before that, I was hustling to meet my deadline, so there’s some black-hole time there. But what happened to the rest? How did the calendar skip over so many days? We need to gain time, not lose it, right? Gah!

All of that to say: So sorry for the sudden disappearing act! I promise I didn’t plan it, especially since I’d just kicked off the Share the <3 campaign. I have all kinds of things planned for this great cause benefiting The National Domestic Violence Hotline. Good thing we still have plenty of time left (assuming there are no more time warps).

The campaign runs through July 30th, including the giveaways. Sales are climbing (we’re almost to the 100k mark!), but only a few receipts have trickled in. If you’ve bought or gifted any of the Soul Savers Series from June 15th-July 30th, be sure to email your receipt to be entered into the giveaways. So far, we have signed books, ebooks and swag from authors Brenda Pandos, Heather McCorkle, Melissa Luznicky Garrett, Susan Kaye Quinn and Karen Hooper, as well as from me.

In addition to my donation, we’ve also raised another $285 so far! Those are readers’ donations to How awesome is that? Of course, that’s all I know about from readers who have sent their receipts – those who do receive signed bookmarks. So if you’ve donated, please let me know. I’d like to keep track, but I’d also like to send you a little thank-you. Even just $5 makes a difference.

I have lots to do since that warp ate so much of my time. Please keep tweeting to Share the <3 with the #TristanK3 hashtag. Buy, gift, donate…whatever you can do to help. And stay tuned here, on Facebook and on Twitter (under the hashtag) for freebies and giveaways I’ll be doing over the next few days.

Thanks for your support!