I had a couple great ideas for this next blog post, but they’ve been put on hold. They require more brain power than I have available right now. You see, I was a dumbass and rammed my head into the corner of the oven hood while making dinner tonight. It’s a feat only I can manage, especially considering I’m height-challenged – I didn’t even know I was tall enough to reach the hood! But apparently, I am, at least, in my Nike Shocks, I am. And apparently I’m not coordinated enough to talk on the phone – on a Bluetooth earpiece, no less – and take a pot off the stove at the same time. Geesh! And I was so motivated to do some actual work tonight. Instead, I’ve been nursing a terrible headache that, so far, two Advil have not tamed.

It did allow me to finish this:

Thanks to Anne Riley and her suggestion, I downloaded it to my Kindle for some lunchtime reading and finished it tonight. It’s only 150 pages and a very fun read. I laughed out loud several times. My family kept wondering, but since they’re all guys and haven’t read the Twilight books, I just shook my head and went back to reading and laughing. Unfortunately, laughter has not been the best medicine for my head. But it was worth it.

Also today, I joined Goodreads. I checked it out briefly a while ago and don’t know why I didn’t join then. If you’re a reader or a writer, or both, and haven’t joined, you should. It’s a social networking site for bookworms. You “friend” people and then get to see what they’re reading now, what they’ve already read, reviews they’ve written, authors they’ve fanned, etc. You also rate and can review books you’ve read, adding them to your virtual shelves. You can create a “to-read” shelf to track all those books on your wish list. Just by seeing what my friends have read or are reading, I’ve added several more titles to my to-read list. Like I need more, but, dude, there are some good ones out there!

And one day in the not-too-distant-future, you will see my books up there. And if you don’t read and review them, I’ll hunt you down. My trusty Beagle will catch your scent and lead me right to you…if you’re a squirrel anyway. But I’ll find you, don’t worry. Bwahahaha!

Okay, I’m wondering how serious my little head injury is. I’m having delusions of being a ninja now. Too bad I’m not making sense, or I could be writing a great story right now. Instead, I guess I’ll do some browsing for this little project I’m working on – you know, the one that gets my books into your eager hands (because I know they are soooo eager!!). I owe a little time to my biz partner. After all, she did some seriously major networking tonight that I’m trying not to get too excited about.

I’m so not excited, I won’t even bother telling you about it. Except that it’s a SINGLE degree of separation from a very famous, influential woman…from Chicago…and one of her names begins with O. Oops. I might jinx myself. Saying no more. Because, you know, I’m not excited at all. I’m sure the butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it are from my head injury. Really.

So, yes…better get to work on something besides rambling.