Somehow, the calendar shows that it’s already February. February! But, wasn’t New Year’s just last week? I wish, for everyone I know, that we could start the year over. Because, so far, 2013 sucks. Big time.

I personally spent most of January in my writing cave, working on The Space Between and starting Soul Savers Book 5, and haven’t really left this month either. Days pass while I huddle in my cocoon, living in different worlds. But I’m not totally out of it, because I just can’t keep myself away from the sparklies and pretties on Facebook and Twitter. Well, usually they’re fun and exciting. Lately, they’ve been more like a massive group hug.

Since January 1st, I think I’ve written a “sorry for your loss” comment almost every single day. Seriously. And just as many “sending prayers” and “get well soon” and “glad you and yours made it through safely.” I’ve given hundreds, if not thousands, of virtual {{{hugs}}}. Last week, I myself lost an old friend to breast cancer at the young age of 42. My high school family has been grieving together, wherever we are in the world.

Everybody and their kids, husbands and pets are sick. Bad weather is slamming them, knocking out power, which means heat. There are car accidents, slips and falls, open-heart surgeries for newborns and chronic ailments all over the place.

But although all of this sounds so dark and discouraging and heart-breaking and just makes you want to hide in a hole and not come out until 2014, there is a bright spot. While we’re all going through a rough time, we’re also all there for each other, holding each other up, cheering each other on. So many people empathizing with others, sending their thoughts and prayers and healing vibes, sharing a note of support and encouragement even when we’re all going through something of our own.

Cyber love may be “virtual,” but it’s very real.

My online friends, readers and fans, whether I’ve met you in person or not, are part of my amazing family. When one of us falls, we gather together and lift them up, even when we’re all falling. So whatever you’re going through right now, know that I’m sending you {{{hugs}}} and positive vibes.

I’m trying not to be superstitious about the number of the year bringing us all bad luck that’s going to last another 11 months. I’m going to stay positive and say, “Go home, 2013. You’re drunk.” And I will trust that it will either sober up or at least become a fun drunk. After all, there are so many exciting plans for this year that it can only get better from here.

So let’s keep coming together, cheering each other on, and we can all shout, “Eff you, 2013! We got this!”