One of the reasons I worked so hard to bring my family to Florida sooner rather than later is because the state offers an excellent scholarship program for all of its high school graduates. We will have three in college at the same time, so, yeah, that means a lot.
One of the requirements is for students to put in community service hours. My oldest, who will be a senior next year, procrastinated on this forever. The Man (his dad) found a great opportunity for him. One of his techs’ wives is a marine biologist for some kind of non-profit organization. She needs help. So Son#1 and her husband go out on the boat and cruise the harbor and into the Gulf, replacing batteries in fish detectors. Now how’s THAT for community service?!?
Anyway, this guy (in his 50s) texts my son the other day about a party out on one of the barrier islands on Sunday. It can only be reached by boat. And he adds, “It’s Father’s Day. I’m sure your dad would love spending the day with all the girls in their bikinis.”
Say what?!? Obviously, I didn’t think that was such a great idea. So today’s Five for Friday are some ideas we can do for the fathers in our lives, whether they are our dads, step-dads, grandpas, husbands, fathers of our children, uncles, neighbors, etc. Ideas that moms can embrace a little better than a big party with drunk, half-naked girls.
  1. Create a Jib-Jab Father’s Day greeting.
  2. Make a photo video of old family vacations put to dad’s fave music.
  3. Hire a lawn service to take care of the yard this week.
  4. Write a short story about one of your favorite memories (since we are mostly all writers here…)
  5. And, heck, I guess if he wants to sit on the beach or go to a party where there are young girls in bikinis, it is his day. And, after all, there are guys to appreciate, too. 🙂
Enjoy the weekend! Pamper the dads in your life. Give them lots of love.