We’ve been having a lot of Foodie Fridays, but I’m back on my *cough* “healthy eating plan” and trying not to think too much about food right now. I’ll have to round up some help from Alexis, Tristan, Sophia, etc., and maybe from “real” people, too, for some guest posts.

But we haven’t done a Five for Friday in ages. I don’t even remember the last one (and I’m too lazy to look it up). So, here’s my Five for Friday…

Five Awesome Things This Week

  1. We made it home safely from our motorcycle trip to Key West last weekend. Each way took us 9 hours. Our bodies were so locked up by the time we got home, I could barely get off the bike. If you’ve never been on a motorcycle, you can’t move. You can’t shift around, throw a leg up for a little while, lean against a door or center console, recline your seat, take a nap, etc. You have to remain still, especially as a passenger, so you don’t throw the bike off-balance. So yeah, as much fun as we had, it was a relief to be home.
  2. My ebooks are all set up at All Romance eBooks and OmniLit providing another place to buy the Kindle and ePub (iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc.) formats, which is pretty cool.
  3. Along with the set up at ARe/OmniLit, I completed some other major projects to prepare for the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago April 11-15. I cannot wait for this! I’ll be signing at the EXPO on Thursday afternoon/evening and will be appearing in RT Club a couple times, too. The rest of the time I’ll be geeking out at writer workshops and stalking my favorite authors. If you’re going, please let me know! We’ll have to arrange a time to meet up.
  4. I bought our tickets for the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I sooooo cannot wait for this movie. I just have to mentally prepare myself with the mantra, “Film is a different medium. It’s going to be different, but that’s okay.”
  5. My college boy is home for Spring Break! Woohoo!!! I haven’t seen him since he went back after Christmas break, which, of course, is the longest by far I’ve ever gone without seeing him. So momma is happy to have all her boys under one roof once again.

What awesomeness has gone in your life this week? Any cool plans for the weekend?