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Over the weekend, we discussed some memorable parties. Today’s conversation: If you could invite your favorite book characters to a party, who would they be? Remember, it’s a party, so invite at least 3 characters to join you and tell us all about it.

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18 Responses to Enter for the VRP Daily Giveaway #2 and Grand Prize Gift Basket

  1. Oh not an easy question/decision: if it was a flirty dinner party I would invite Curran from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Tristan from Promise (would love to see him in the flesh ;-p).

    However, if it was more of a coffee and cookies afternoon with girlfriends, I’d love to chat with Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Kitty Katt from Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch (laughter would be guaranteed then) hm. I keep coming up blank when I think of those heroines you would want to be friends with. Any suggestions?

  2. Kristie Cook says:

    My party invites: Alice Cullen because she would want to plan it and I wouldn’t have to do anything and it would still be awesome. Fred & George Weasley because they would guarantee a load of fun. Katniss Everdeen because she deserves a real party where people don’t make themselves puke just so they can eat more. Eric Northman and Anita Blake – if Fred & George run out of tricks, these two would surely provide some entertainment with the sparks between them. Laura from Panthan’s Crucible because she’d have lots of great comments to make. And Royal from Along Came a Demon because he’s really intriguing. Plus, he looks cool, with strands of gold in his hair. My date, of course, would be Tristan. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Bennet of course (but the Kiera Knightly version i have to say), any of the women from Mary Connealy’s Montana Marriages series (all strong women), and any of my characters from Eldala or the sequel, Blackheart. they could probably tell me things about themselves that i never knew, or at least give me opinions on how i handled their stories.

  4. KarenG says:

    Since I’ve been reading a lot of Jane Austen lately I’d invite Emma and Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Knightley, and of course the fab Miss Austen herself, and I would never let her leave!

    Best wishes with your book!

  5. Lisbeth Salander, Henrik Vanger and Mikael Blomkvist from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That is just some party I would HAVE to go to, cause all those characters together doesn’t make it seem like it will be a very fun turnout… 🙂

  6. Kristie Cook says:

    Stella, yes, it would be a whole different crowd, depending on the type of party. Since I’m in a big celebratory mood, I like your flirty choices! 🙂

  7. Kristie Cook says:

    Michelle, I’m so anxious to read your book! I have a party in my head with all my characters all the time. LOL

  8. Gosh! Let me think. I think Rose Hathaway because if anyone messed with us she would kick some butt! I gotta agree with ya on Alice Cullen. I mean did you SEE that awesome graduation party in Eclipse? I have no skills like that. And I gotta say Tristan because who doesn’t want to stare at that all night? Hmm..and Doug from Forget You because hes just too adorable and totally protective. It would be nice to have him around. 🙂

  9. Kristie Cook says:

    KarenG, Thank you for the good wishes! It seems we have a couple who’d like to borrow Austen’s characters. 🙂

  10. Kristie Cook says:

    Angela, I haven’t read those books yet, but they are in my TBR pile. Sounds like, um, an interesting party…or not? See, now I have to go read those.

  11. Ok I’ll play *wink*.
    Sam & Alyssa from Sue Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. Bella & Edward Cullen. Jolie Russell & Cody Dean from LuAnn McCalls Redneck Cinderella.
    Love & Hugs,

  12. Kristie Cook says:

    Jessica, I am HORRIBLE at planning parties. But the virtual one is going well, so maybe a fictional one would, too. LOL And yes, we need someone to protect us from all those drunk Gatsby’s and the like.

  13. Dawn Embers says:

    Interesting idea. I think I’m going to go with characters from when I was in junior high. Strong female characters who don’t follow the female stereotypes no matter the struggle they have to go through in their world. These are also three of my favorite that I still remember fondly, over 10 years later.

    Alanna – The Songs of the Lioness, Tamora Pierce

    Daine – Wild Magic, Tamora Pierce

    Juniper – Juniper, Monica Furlong

    They have some common grounds, but enough difference in personality that it’d be an interesting party.

  14. Lisa Adams says:

    I have to go with Alice Cullen, she would throw the best party every, but could also keep an “eye” out for the cops to see if they were gonna bust up our fun!

    I would also invite The Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug from Wizard of Oz. How can a party get dull with a guest like that?

    Then I would invite Pippi Longstocking, because that girl could have fun anywhere!

  15. Kristie Cook says:

    Pamela, I only know two of yours. 🙁 But it brings more additions to my TBR pile. Redneck Cinderella sounds like a hoot.

  16. Kristie Cook says:

    Dawn, strong females are always awesome. But I wonder if you get a room full, what would happen. They might fight over the last cupcake. LOL Either that, or they’ll start planning to join forces to eradicate one of their enemies…probably a man. 😉

  17. Kristie Cook says:

    Lisa, you crack me up. Pippi Longstocking rocks. I always felt bad for her, though. I do not remember a Woggle-Bug but it has “bug” in the name…just sayin’.

  18. Dawn Embers says:


    That would be an interesting fight. Alanna is a knight, Daine a wild mage, and Juniper does magic as well. Though eradication isn’t their style. they’re also all from stories with medieval settings. Think they’d get along pretty well actually.

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