Welcome back to the party! Big news to celebrate! Promise is now available to buy at all of these places:
Also today starts the blog tour:
Today’s winners will be announced by noon. Don’t forget to enter for today’s giveaway plus entries for the grand prize at the end of the week. For details on what we’re doing, click here.
Tuesday’s Prizes
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  • Local Winner – $5 gift certificate for Sassy Cakes cupcakes + signed Promise bookmark + Got a Date To-Knight nail polish
  • Non-Local Winner – Promise t-shirt + signed Promise bookmark

And to enter…

To enter for Tuesday’s daily drawing and to get entries for the grand prize, click here to complete the form. Remember, you can get more entries by telling everyone about the party. The more, the merrier, right?

Over the weekend, we discussed some memorable parties. Today’s conversation: If you could invite your favorite book characters to a party, who would they be? Remember, it’s a party, so invite at least 3 characters to join you and tell us all about it.