It’s time for my first-ever contest! I’ve won a couple blog contests recently and though they weren’t the lottery, I was so excited to win. Especially when I get free books out of them. Thank you to Eisley Jacobs and Jessica Capelle! Now, it’s time to pay it forward and this is the perfect week to do it.

Friday, February 19, is Alexis, my main character’s birthday. Yes, it may be weird to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday, but I know her so well, she could be my daughter. Besides, it’s not just her birthday. It’s also my middle son’s and my sister-in-law’s (love and miss you, Sheree!). Do I really need any other excuses? Didn’t think so.

I’m going to make it easy. I’ll award two prizes and the winners can pick from the books below. For one prize, I’ll randomly select (well, I won’t, one of those handy online pickers will) from anyone who comments on this post. You can comment anything you want, but I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts about self-publishing, since this is something I’ve decided to do. If you’re a writer, have you considered self-publishing or do you already self-publish? Why or why not? If you’re a reader, do you care if a book is self-published? Or do you choose based on author and story, regardless of how it was published?

For the second prize, I’ll randomly select from all of you who post a link to this blog, either on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter. Please post the link in a comment so I (and everyone else) can see and visit your page. 

You have until Noon EST Friday, February 19, to enter. Then I’ll pick the winners and we can have an online celebration for the birthdays and the winners!


This one is for Sheree because Tiff, the protagonist, reminds me of her – very tall and a butt-kicker, for all the right reasons. ALONG CAME A DEMON is the first in the Whisperings series, but if you’ve already read it, then you can select THE DEMON HUNTERS.

THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner
This one is for Austin because it’s the first book he’s read for fun since HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS…and he read it in two or three days. He really enjoyed it, can’t wait for the next one and hopes the rumors of it becoming a movie are true.

This is for Alexis because she knows what it’s like to be a misfit. It’s also Young Adult and Alexis writes Young Adult.

Take a pick from any SOOKIE STACKHOUSE (Southern Vampire) books by Charlaine Harris or ANITA THE VAMPIRE HUNTER books by Laurell K. Hamilton
And these are for both Alexis and me because we love our vampires! Alexis would love the TWILIGHT series (romance and vamps are right up her alley), but I’m pretty sure everyone who wants it already has it.

So check them all out and post a comment. Good luck!!