It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week! AKA BBAW – September 12-15. Book bloggers everywhere are sharing their love of books and blogging with each other and their followers, but, as an author, I wanted to share my love of book bloggers in my own way. Why? Because I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Seriously.

Please give a warm welcome today to Colleen at Lavender Lines! A mutual online friend introduced us and although Promise didn’t fall into Colleen’s normal choices for reading (she’s such an unromantic – ha!), she agreed to read and review my book. She took a chance on me. That’s something an author doesn’t frequently get. So I sincerely appreciate Colleen’s willingness to read Promise. Thankfully, she liked it and enjoyed Purpose even more. So let’s meet Colleen.

KC: Tell us about yourself in 10 words.
C: Only ten words? Sheesh. :0P Okay here goes:  loyal, stubborn, anxious, quiet, loud, book-loving, dreamer, cautious, loner, funny

KC: If you tweeted a general message about your blog, what would it say (140 characters or less)?
C: Rambly and gushy, but always honest reviews. I’m just easily excitable.

KC: What’s your favorite genre to read?
C: What day is it? LOL It changes daily, but most of what I read is YA (paranormal, contemp, urban fantasy, dystopia). But lately I’ve had a real hankering for non-fiction.

KC: What are you favorite blogs to follow?

Amy McKie Reads (no relation, just one of my best bookie buds!) 

KC: Have any bloggers inspired you or your blog?
C: Hmm I would have to say all of the above mentioned bloggers have helped shape me into the wonderfully weird blogger I am today.

KC: How did you get started blogging?
C: I started doing reviews for Edwards Magazine Bookclub  (heya Christine!) and went from there.

KC: What is your favorite part about being a blogger?
C: When I write a review of a book I LOVED and the author contacts me. I’ve made quite a few author friends that way.

KC: What’s the hardest part of being a blogger?
C: Deadlines, dealines, DEADLINES! I am horrible with them.  Also, when I really don’t like a review book. So icky.

KC: What do you do when a book you agreed to review just isn’t working for you?
C: Yeah, I’m a total wimp so I kinda just set it aside and hope it disappears.  I know I totally should contact the publisher, and sometimes I do. I used to force myself to read review books, but now? I give it a chapter or two.

KC: Do you ever get reviewer’s block or in a reading slump?
C: OMG yes!!! I just went through a horrible one this summer. I actually considered giving up book blogging. For the whole summer I think I read about 10 books?  (I’m normally a 3-4 book a week kinda gal.) But as usual it passed.  I think it happens to everyone, but book bloggers just notice it more.

KC: How can we connect with you?
C: Well, I’m ALWAYS floating around online on Twitter –!/Lavender_Linesor Facebook- I also have my book blog, of course – http://lavenderlines.wordpress.comand my writing blog, which is woefully neglected –

You read that right – Colleen is also a writer. We need to keep an eye on her and one of these days, we’ll be reviewing her book!
Have a question for Colleen? Just ask.